Fae were never meant to mate with humans. The offspring known as Halven are an abomination. But Halven children of royal Fae are different. Some grow into magic that rivals the most powerful in all of Faery. And now they are the only beings capable of saving Faery from a destruction of its own making. As long as intolerant Fae don't kill the Halven first.

"I don't have words to describe how good this book is. It's full of intrigue, emotional tension and love. Let's not forget how well written it is." ~ Reviewer, FATES DIVIDED

Meet the Author

J.Barnard is a USA Today Bestselling author of new adult fantasy. For over ten years, she has delighted readers with "real" characters in extraordinary worlds filled with romance, magic, and humor. Library Journal calls her Halven Rising series “…an exciting new fantasy adventure.”